Rochester Area Welcome Map

Cick here to download a PDF of the area listing local businesses and services.

CURRENTLY ON EXHIBIT - a collection of extraordinary pitchers and tea sets, mugs, bowls, fountains and more, all hand-crafted and one-of-a-kind. These reasonably priced items are individually hand-crafted by Judy in her renowned style. The display changes weekly, as new items get created and emerge from the kilns.

To view last year's Calendar with lovely images of country life suitable for framing. Calendars are available at the gallery or by phone for $13.95 plus $1.50 shipping and handling. If you enjoy images of Vermont and country life, this is for you! Click on the image below to view a larger version of one image, or the link above for a preview of all the scenes:

Art really is big at Judy Jensen's Clay Studio. Some uniquely spellbinding garden lanterns are now available; the smallest of these, at 16 inches, is shown below. These new pieces are in addition to the wonderful bowls, vases, plates, teapots and cups that Judy is famous for. Remember that a special tile installation can also be custom-crafted for your home. Contact Judy for details.

This well-known pottery studio and gallery is located in the lovely village of Rochester along stunning route 100 in the Heart of Vermont's Green Mountains. We're midway between Killington to the south and Sugarbush to the north. With lovely homes and a picture-perfect town square, the Rochester area has attracted renowned artists and craftpeople for decades. The Gallery is located behind the Rochester Cafe, on the West side of route 100 just beyond the town square in the heart of Rochester. Across the road is Seasoned Booksellers and Bakery , where good food and many of the locals can be found. The Clay Studio is open at the times shown on the bottom of this page, depending on the season. Feel free to call ahead.

Recent work includes several large garden candelabra, the smallest of which is shown at the left. Others in this new series may be viewed online as we post more photos, or in person in the studio. The collection includes several much larger pieces for extraordinary gardens. These candelabra are made of individually crafted sections which stack, and the largest of the series is more than 3 feeet tall. The piece shown to the left is $500.

There's also a very unique and exclusive chess set, the front line of which is shown to the left. This set pits two Mayan tribes against each other, with each piece individually crafted and full of personality. One side carries shields which are black on white, with the shields displaying the days of the week in the Mayan calendar. The other side is white on black, and displays the Mayan months. Each piece is roughly 6 - 8" tall. This one-of-a-kind set includes its own custom-crafted chess table and two matching chairs, made of cherry. There's only one available: the set with furniture for $7,000. Click on the image to see a larger and more detailed image of these figures, click HERE for a photo showing more of the set, or call Judy at the number, above, for information.

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